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Polar Moment of Inertia
Cornering Power
Road Hugging Weight
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Welcome to my newly redesigned Fiero 2M4 resource site.  The original site recorded over 12000 visits,  hopefully this one will also prove as useful.
Ira Crummey

The Mid-Engine Experience :

The Pontiac Fiero was the only mid engined design to see volume production by a major American automaker, as such it is the most affordable car available in this layout.  The low Polar Moment of Inertia afforded by this design has resulted in a car well suited for nimble handling, although the factory setup may need some help.

The basic theories of vehicle dynamics (handling) are often a mystery due to the complex scientific principles involved.  Understeer, oversteer, neutral, these terms are used to describe the cornering behaviour of an automobile.   Here I will attempt to clarify these terms and show how they apply to the Fiero.

Ira Crummey


Polar Moment of Inertia

Cornering Power (Lateral Acceleration)
Road Hugging Weight: The Myth
Vehicle Dynamics 101
Vehicle Dynamics 102
The Factory Suspension Setup
Budget "Street" Handling
Herb Adams VSE on Fiero Handling
George Ryan's Quad 4 Autocross Racer
Wheels that Fit: the Budget Alternative
The Truth about Bumpsteer!

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