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The Iron Duke Resource Site


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Welcome to my newly redesigned Fiero 2M4 resource site.  The original site recorded over 12000 visits,  hopefully this one will also prove as useful.
Ira Crummey

Budget Wheels:
Factory Wheels to upgrade your Fiero
The price of a decent set of aftermarket wheels can be something of a shock to those of us who can hardly afford a new set of tires.  There is an alternative however,  Scrapyard wheels!!!   This is not a complete list of what fits, however over time I hope to present as many examples as possible of wheel sources (and particularly handsome wheels),  with pictures whenever I can manage to get them.

Ira Crummey

IMPORTANT:  The Fiero bolt pattern is 5X100mm


GM Wheels
I will be supplying pictures of some of the more interesting wheels as time passes, for now here is a brief list of what will fit: (This is not a complete list)
(NOTE: some may be a tight fit against the strut bolts at the rear, test fit if possible)
All J-car -  Cavalier,  Sunbird,  Sunfire,  Firenza,  Skyhawk,  Cimmaron 
N-body (pre-1999) -  Grand Am,  Skylark,  Achieva,  Cutlass Calais 
Light Duty A-body -  Celebrity,  Pontiac 6000,  Cutlass Ciera,  Century (Most of these models had the heavy duty 5X115mm bolt pattern so be careful)
All X-body (1980-1985) -  Citation,  Phoenix,  Skylark,  Omega (Some are even 14X6.5")
Others - Chevy Corsica (and Pontiac Tempest, a Canadian badge engineered Corsica) and Beretta
The major difference between the FWD Sunbird/Grand Am/Tempest(Cdn) wheels and the Fiero High-Tech 14"X6"  wheels is the offset.  While the Fiero uses a 35mm offset, the FWDs used a 47mm offset.  This gives the Fiero wheels a distinctive 12mm "lip" on the rim. (See below)

Here is a nice 16"  factory wheel on a first series Grand Am.  These are found on many of the GT models from around 1990 until the end of this series.